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When teens attack....

Friday, need I say more? The most magical night of the week, especially in the winter. A pure black sky highlighted by dots of white just floating down to bury the world. I dont like the snow. On TV its okay, innocent, harmless. But in real life, show is like carbon monoxide, the silent killer. It covers everything, trying to suffocated the world, purify it even. Foolish snow, trying the impossible.

In one of my classes, I sit behind these two people, a boy and a girl. They are always talking about something cliche of teens: sex, drugs, getting wasted, smoking.... As much as I want to fight the conformists, the status quo, the stero types that Ive been shooting down for my entire life, they have something that appeals to me. Mystery, perhaps, something Ive never experienced as many other teen my age have. It makes perfect sense as to why I want this, the forbidiness of it all. The comercials for products that we cant have, tobacco and alcohol, target our age group, showing people no older than 21 drinking and smoking in some Manhattan or LA night club. Pathetic. That doesnt happen in real life...

Tonight, I dont know what Ill do. Hopefully my mom will sleep at her pimp's house, allowing me to throw the kegger Ive been planning all week. No, Ill probably just stay home and watch some depressing movie or read or write or something. Lucia wont hang out with me, shes will be with her girlfriend. At least shes coming to my house for Christmas.

Okay, dirty joke time...Why is Santa's sack so big?

Because he only comes once a year!

Horrid, I know. Thats what you get for staying up until 2 am on Christmas eve.

I wish there was a show tonight. In my city/town/nowhere, we only have one scene for rock and roll. The Eagles Club. Not the best venue, but it still gets some good bands. On the 30th Im going to see Patterns in Static, very nice.

Friday. The day of judgment for the weekend....

Posted by anabellee 08:14

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